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Товарная группа: Press forms for rubber products

Press forms
for rubber products of varying complexity:

  • rings and gaskets made of rubber;
  • rod and cylinder seals for hydraulics and pneumatics;
  • silicone parts;
  • multi-seat molds;
  • molds according to drawings and samples of parts.

Here is what we can offer you:

  • supply of molds together with equipment for the production of rubber parts;
  • proven technology for the production of rubber goods together with molds;
  • further support in production.

For specific production cases, we offer special rubber compounds based on highly
technological rubbers:

  • hydrogenated nitrile HNBR;
  • nitrile NBR;
  • fluoride FKM;
  • silicone VMQ;
  • silicone fluoride FVMQ and some others.

In the case of designing molds for your rubber mixture, we ask you to send us a sample of
the mixture, determine its technological parameters and then design the molds.

To order and buy a mold, contact our specialist:

Phone:+7 (902) 383-61-02

E-mail: manager@ooo-komed.ru

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