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Hydraulic vulcanizing press 400х400 with unloader

Hydraulic vulcanizing press 400х400 with unloader

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The technical characteristics of the press, video work, photos and dimensions are presented below.

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The company “KOMED TECHNOLOGICAL MACHINES” manufactures and sells hydraulic vulcanizing presses 400×400 with unloader 3RT and 2RT with a right-hand hydraulic station.


Name Value
1 Compression force 100 tons
2 Total max power 15 kW
3 Piston stroke, not less 350 mm
4 The distance between the plates on the floor 350 mm
5 Plate Size 400х400 mm
6 Number of heating plates 2 pcs.
7 Number of floors 1 PC.
8 The thickness of the upper and lower plates 50 mm
9 Control system Automatic, PID controller
10 Type of heating Electric
11 Maximum temperature, 200°С
12 Number of temperature controllers 3 pcs.
13 Piston diameter 200 mm
14 Engine power 4.0 kW
15 Type of bed Columned
16 Number of columns 4 things.
17 Plate lifting and lowering speed 30 mm/s
18 Opening timer Yes, up to 99 minutes
19 Daily timer OK
20 Dimensions 1400х1200х1800 mm
21 Mass 1600 kg
22 Unloader 3RT and 2RT


  • Production time: 3 … 4 months.
  • Warranty: 12 months.

3D model of the press

3D-модель пресса


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Hydraulic vulcanizing press 400х400 with unloader
Продукт: Hydraulic vulcanizing press 400х400 with unloader

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