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Hydraulic vulcanizing press 400×400 1st floor 100 t with unloader 3RT

Hydraulic vulcanizing press 400×400 1st floor 100 t with unloader 3RT

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Technical characteristics of the press, video of work, photos and dimensions are presented below.

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Specification for hydraulic vulcanizing press 400×400 – 1st floor 100 tons with unloader 3RT

№ п/п Parameter/ Type Value
1 Compression force 100 t
2 Piston stroke, no less 320 mm
3 Distance between plates 300 mm
4 Размер плит 400х400 mm
5 Slab size 2 pcs.
6 Number of floors 1 pcs.
7 Thickness of the top and bottom plates, not less 50 mm
8 Plate temperature control system Automatic, PID controllers
9 Plate heating type Electric, heating elements
10 Heating plate power, no more 4 kW
11 Accuracy of plate temperature maintenance ±1 ℃
12 Maximum temperature 250 ℃
13 Engine power, no more 3 kW
14 Total maximum power, no more 11 kW
15 Bed type Columned
16 Number of columns 4 pcs.
17 Opening and closing speed of the press at high speed 60 mm/s
18 Vulcanization time, adjustable Yes, up to 99 min.
19 Timer to turn on the heating of the press Yes
20 Overall dimensions, no more 1400х700х1800 mm
21 Weight, no more 1300 kg
22 Location of the hydroelectric station Lateral, right
23 Control device Programmable relay OVEN
24 Operator panel Touch 4,3″
25 Control mode Manual/Automatic
26 Automatic unloader 3RT

The control controller allows you to:

  • setting the holding time during pre-pressing;
  • setting the opening distance by time or by position sensor;
  • setting the holding time in the open state;
  • number of prepresses;
  • curing time during vulcanization;
  • set a timer by day of the week for preheating.
All of the above parameters are set by the press operator. The PID controller allows for high-precision
adjustment and temperature maintenance on the press up to 250℃.

Information on components:

  1. Thermal control devices: EMCO – Türkiye, or equivalent;
  2. Oil station engine: AIR – Russia, or equivalent;
  3. Columns: Chromesteel, factory in Romania, Italian company, or equivalent;
  4. Hydraulic plate: OMT, Italy, or equivalent;
  5. Pump: Russia or Bulgaria, or equivalent;
  6. Electromagnetic hydraulic distributor: China, or equivalent;
  7. Electromagnetic contactors: IEK, China, or equivalent;
  8. Solid state relays: ELHART, China, or equivalent;
  9. Filters: SIFIMA, Italy, or equivalent;
  10. Hydraulic components: fittings, tubes, other hydraulic components – Italy (OMT, ATOS, etc.), or equivalent;
  11. Heating elements: Russia;
  12. Cuffs and seals: standard, Russia.
Equipment delivery is not included in the price. Upon agreement, delivery by the Supplier via a trusted carrier is possible to maintain the integrity of the equipment.
Заказать / Order
Hydraulic vulcanizing press 400×400 1st floor 100 t with unloader 3RT
Продукт: Hydraulic vulcanizing press 400×400 1st floor 100 t with unloader 3RT

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