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Roll machine 160×380

Roll machine 160×380

A detailed consultation regarding the acquisition of rollers for the production of rubber compounds can be obtained from the Sales Department by telephone:

+7 (902) 383-61-02


Specifications and photos of the device are presented below.

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These rollers are perfect for preparing workpieces in small industries, for laboratory research in the field of rubber processing, for mixing small weights of rubber compounds.

Technical characteristics of the roll machine 160×380

Indicator / Name Roll machine 160×380
1 Diameter of rolls, mm 160
2 The length of the working part, not less than, mm 380
3 Number of rolls 2
4 Rotational speed, rpm 10…100
5 Cooling the inner surface of the rolls Water, closed
6 Friction 1:1,35 (or as agreed)
7 Motor type asynchronous
8 Electric motor power, kW 5,5
9 Rotational speed, rpm 1500
10 Safety devices Cable, emergency stop / reverse buttons
11 Functions and options: Start, stop, reverse, adjustment of the gap between the rolls, a removable tray, an inlet for water cooling of a closed type, installation on vibration mounts, steel rolls with a heat-treated and polished surface
12 Personnel protection devices Rollers equipped with an emergency stop device from above – in the form of a swinging rod and from below in the form of a tensioned cable (to be agreed with the customer)
13 Distance between rolls 0…10 mm
14 Roll gap adjustment Electric or manual limb with graduated distance in mm.
15 Length, mm 1600
16 Width, mm 1000
17 Height, mm 1400
18 Weight, kg, no more 1100

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Roll machine 160×380
Продукт: Roll machine 160×380

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