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Товарная группа: Two-station presses

The KOMED TECHNOLOGICAL MACHINERY company designs and produces two-station hydraulic vulcanizing presses for the production of rubber products.
We produce modern automated vulcanizing machines that allow you to increase your productivity by reducing the time of closing and opening molds.

Our offers in the field of production of rubber products:

  • selection of equipment to complete your task;
  • carrying out commissioning work on the Customer’s territory;
  • supply of equipment with molds, proven technologies, personnel training with us or with you, video materials, operating rules and other materials;
  • designing unique equipment for your task.

Hardware specifications

NameUnit changeMeaning
1Compression force of each stationт200
2Piston stroke, no lessmm320
3Distance between platesmm300
4Slab sizemm600х600
5Number of slabsthings2
6Number of floorsthings1
7Thickness of the top and bottom plates, not lessmm50
8Plate temperature control systemAutomatic, PID controllers
9Plate heating typeElectric, heating elements
10Heating plate power, no morekW7
11Accuracy of plate temperature maintenance±1
12Maximum temperature250
13Engine power, no morekW3
14Total power, no morekW34
15Bed typeColumned
16Number of columnsthings4
17Press opening and closing speed at high speedmm/sec60
18Vulcanization duration adjustableYes, up to 99 min.
19Timer to turn on heatingYes
20Overall dimensions, no moremm4000х1200х2200
21Weight, no morekg8000
22Location of the hydroelectric stationCentered between stations
23Control deviceProgrammable logic controller DELTA
24Operator panelTouch 10”
25Control modeManual / Automatic
26Ability to save set mode parameters for further selectionYes, up to 100 pcs.
27Availability of unloaderOn request

More detailed information about each type of equipment is provided below.

Two-station hydraulic vulcanizing press 600×600 – 1st floor 200 tons
Two-station hydraulic vulcanizing press 600×600 – 1st floor 200 tons

The two-station hydraulic vulcanization press 600×600-1E 200t consists of two hydraulic vulcanization presses 600×600-1E 200t made on one base frame, column type, controlled independently...