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Worm machine 32×10 for extrusion of silicones and rubber compounds

Worm machine 32×10 for extrusion of silicones and rubber compounds

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Technical characteristics and photos of the 32×10 World Cup are presented below.

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Information on the operation of the worm machine 32×10

  1. This FM is intended for the extrusion of hot vulcanized silicone mixtures to produce profiles, cords, tubes and other silicone parts, followed by vulcanization in a tunnel oven using a continuous method or other methods.
  2. The machine can be used to produce blanks from silicone mixtures for vulcanization purposes in presses, etc.
  3. The worm machine can be used for extruding various rubber mixtures (based on rubbers BNKS, EPDM, SKI, SKD, BK, HNBR and others) in order to obtain blanks or ready-made profiles for vulcanization, like a warm feed machine of the MChT type.

Worm pair information

  • Material: steel 38ХМУА (38CrMoAlA, JIS SACM645);
  • General heat treatment and nitriding;
  • Hardness after quenching and tempering: HB280-320;
  • Hardness after nitriding: HV950-1100;
  • Depth of the nitrided layer: 0.5 – 0.8 mm;
  • Working surface roughness: Ra0.4 microns;
  • Worm linearity, not less: 0.015 mm/m.

Description of components and devices

  • Motor control: ESQ frequency drive (as agreed by DELTA, ABB, Schneider electric);
  • Engine: AIR, Russia;
  • Worm and cylinder: nitrided steel 38ХМУА with heat treatment;
  • Standard extruder gearbox, China.

Technical characteristics of the worm machine ChM 32×10

№ п/п Index Value
1 Worm diameter 32 mm
2 Cut length 320 mm
3 L/D ratio 10
4 Rotation frequency 1.9…19 rpm.
5 Speed control Frequency drive
6 Cooling of cylinder and screw Yes
7 Motor type Asynchronous
8 Motor parameters 5.5 kW; 750 rpm; 380 V; 50 Hz
9 Accuracy of maintaining a given worm rotation speed +/-0,2%
10 Maximum productivity when processing rubber compounds with Mooney viscosity:
до 55 32 kg/h
55-75 30 kg/h
75-90 28 kg/h
11 Maximum overall dimensions 1280 мм х 800 мм х1600 мм
12 Height from floor to cylinder axis 1000 mm
13 Mass, no more 1500 kg

Video presentation: Worm machine 65×10 (22 kW) produced by KOMED LLC


Equipment delivery is not included in the price. Upon agreement, delivery by the Supplier via a trusted carrier is possible to maintain the integrity of the equipment.
Заказать / Order
Worm machine 32×10 for extrusion of silicones and rubber compounds
Продукт: Worm machine 32×10 for extrusion of silicones and rubber compounds

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