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Shock furnace (shocker) 1000 mm

Shock furnace (shocker) 1000 mm

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The shock furnace (shocker) 1000 mm is designed for quick vulcanization of the surface of a silicone product during extrusion.

Equipment, depending on the task, can have a horizontal, vertical or other position.

The parameters of the furnace and its configuration are determined depending on the type of product being manufactured and are selected individually for the customer’s task. The site contains familiarization materials for a 1000 mm shocker.

Dimensions and features

Rotating shocker 1000 mm relative to the center with a rise along the guides. After setting the position, it is fixed with a threaded lock.

The figure shows two positions with overall dimensions:

  1. Vertical – for him, the worm machine must be lifted from the floor;
  2. Horizontal


№ п/п Parameters Value
1 Camera length 1000 mm
2 Effective cross-section of the channel inside the chamber 180 mm wide
Height 300 mm
3 Rotation 90 degrees
4 Power 13.5 kW
5 Thermoregulation PID controller in each phase
6 Nutrition 380 V, 3 phases
7 Theoretical heating Up to 500 °C
8 Working temperature Up to 250 °C


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Shock furnace (shocker) 1000 mm
Продукт: Shock furnace (shocker) 1000 mm

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