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Guillotine 600×400 for cutting bale of rubber

Guillotine 600×400 for cutting bale of rubber

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+7 (902) 383-61-02


Photos, videos and specifications of the guillotine are presented below.

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The guillotine is intended for use in fire hazardous areas of class P-IIa according to PUE-85. Production category “B” according to SNiP “Industrial buildings of industrial enterprises. Design standards”.

Climatic modification
Climatic modification of equipment UHL*4, GOST 15150-69.


№ п/п Parameter Value
1 Compression force, not less 6 tons
2 Высота резки, не менее 400 mm
3 Cutting width 600 mm
4 Engine power 2.2 kW/3 kW (accelerated)
5 Bed type Vertical special
6 Speed of raising and lowering the knife 30 mm/s
7 Overall dimensions, LxWxH 1320х780х2660 мм
8 Weight, no more 300 kg

The guillotine is equipped with a wide polyurethane plate that is installed under the knife in the cutting area.

Rollers are installed on the feeding side to facilitate feeding of the rubber bale.

The guillotine is equipped with its own hydraulic cylinder and oil station, so it does not require additional air supply.

The parameters can be adjusted according to your request.

Guillotine layout
The guillotine has a welded structure with an upper hydraulic cylinder. A hydraulic cylinder with a knife is mounted on a welded frame, on which an oil station is installed on the right side of the base. The hydraulic distributor is installed on the rack on the left. The knife is made of steel 09G2S.
The guillotine is turned on with both hands, which ensures operator safety


KOMED LLC is the direct manufacturer of the offered equipment
Equipment delivery is not included in the price. Upon agreement, delivery by the Supplier via a trusted carrier is possible to maintain the integrity of the equipment.

Presentation of guillotine 600 by 400

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Guillotine 600×400 for cutting bale of rubber
Продукт: Guillotine 600×400 for cutting bale of rubber

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