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Worm machine 65×10 for processing silicone rubber

Worm machine 65×10 for processing silicone rubber

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Specifications and photos of the World Cup 65×10 are presented below.

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Worm machine 65×10 can be part of the line for the production of silicone products and parts.

Equipment and purpose

  • Silicone rubber processing machines are equipped with a cooling system, or temperature maintenance.
  • To ensure uniform performance, a feed roller for feeding silicone is installed.
  • World Cup 65×10 allows you to process silicone and fluorosilicon in the hardness range of 30 … 80 Shore A.
  • A single-entry worm with special geometry allows you to get high-quality extruded silicone shaped products.
  • This equipment can be used to obtain blanks from various rubber compounds, for example, for extrusion of rubber compounds based on rubbers BNKS, SKI, SKD, EPDM, many FKM and others.
In the production of silicone products by extrusion, the line can be supplemented shocker, tunnel flow vulcanizer, pulling device, coils.

Technical characteristics of World Cup 65×10

№ p/p Indicator Value
1 Worm diameter 65 mm
2 Cut length 600 mm
3 L/D ratio 10
4 Rotation frequency 10 … 100 rpm.
5 Speed control Frequency drive
6 Cylinder cooling Water
7 Motor type Asynchronous
8 Electric motor power 15 kW
9 Rotational speed, rpm 1500 rpm
10 Maximum overall dimensions
2120 mm
1400 mm
1325 mm
11 Weight No more than 1500 kg

Description of components

  • Engine management: frequency drive;
  • Engine: AIR, Russia;
  • Worm and cylinder: 38HMYuA.
 Production time for 65х10 FM – 2 … 3 months 


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Worm machine 65×10 for processing silicone rubber
Продукт: Worm machine 65×10 for processing silicone rubber

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