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Pulling device for extrusion lines 440×80 with PVC tape

Pulling device for extrusion lines 440×80 with PVC tape

A detailed consultation regarding the acquisition of this equipment can be obtained from the Telephone Sales Department:

+7 (902) 383-61-02


Specifications and photos of the device are presented below.

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Purpose and features

The 440×80 pulling device is intended for use as part of the extrusion lines of gaskets, hoses, tubes, pipes and various products made of PVC plastic, TEP, plastics, rubber.

Depending on the task, the pulling device may be equipped with a tape, rubber belt or tracks.

In some cases, the device is equipped with a pulling tape made of silicone, capable of working at high temperatures.

This allows you to divert hot extruded molded products.

Selection pulling device carried out on the basis of the tasks performed by the production, it depends on the efforts of the product withdrawn from the extruder, the type of product and other parameters.



№ p/p Parameter Value
1 The method of removal of the product from the extruder: Between Ribbons
2 Number of tapes 2 шт.
3 Minimum product retraction speed 0.5 … 5 m/min.
4 Maximum product retraction speed 12 … 30 m/min.
5 Maximum gap between tapes 80 mm
6 Nominal Design Tractive Force 60…200 kg
7 Total engine power  0.75 kW
8 Speed control: (interfaced with other devices, has outputs and control inputs) Frequency Control, PID Function
9 Bottom tape adjustment Manual, flywheel
10 Upper tape adjustment Manual, flywheel
11 Length counter Encoder optional
12 Center height 1000 mm
13 Dimensions Length 700 mm

Wide 500 mm

Height 1300 mm

14 Total power, no more 1 kW
15 Packaging Wooden box
16 Weight 120 kg


Заказать / Order
Pulling device for extrusion lines 440×80 with PVC tape
Продукт: Pulling device for extrusion lines 440×80 with PVC tape

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